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How long will the wedding take?

Almost every bride and groom ask for a simple ceremony that is quick. The grooms especially want the quick part to be super quick. Yes, I performed these quick ceremonies and guests often remark, "oh wow, that was quick", and seem dissatisfied and disappointed.

Not many people like to be the centre of attention especially when expressing feelings. I understand that.

However this is a lifetime commitment that deserves to be given an appropriate ceremony. It's a ritual. It's tradition brought forward.

Your guests may have travelled long distances and made a huge effort to be there for you and it's over before they know it.

You most certainly don't need a long and protracted event! These become boring and guests fidgety.

The key is to hear your celebrant out. We have a great deal of experience and knowledge of things that will make your wedding perfect for you without it going too long or far too short.

It takes about 30 seconds to say 85 words. So a wedding needs to be longer than you ordering a cappuccino at the cafe!

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